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Arca, Tulum 🍴

Hello! It's been a while. I hope everyone's been having a great year so far.

We wanted to kick off 2023 with our first long haul holiday since before COVID, and having had multiple recommendations we decided Mexico was the first on the list. We travelled around, covering four places in two weeks. Starting in Tulum, we stayed there for 3 days before moving down to Bacalar, followed by Valladolid, and ending in Isla Holbox - as you can imagine Mexico has an incredible food scene!

Tacos, tostadas, ceviche, guacamole, and of course...margs! But I want to pull out one particular restaurant that we went to - Arca, a unique dining experience tucked away along the coastal part of Tulum.

From it's moody candlelit atmosphere to the incredible service, friendly and knowledgable staff - I think all of which are essential for a memorable experience before you even get to the food and drinks.

The restaurant combines Mexico's authentic traditional flavours and ingredients, and creates culinary art through wood-fired cooking.

We started with two cocktails, one called the Green Garden, the other El Solar - both elegant, and a fusion of interesting flavours.

We then had a selection of (you guessed it) sharing plates, which I've dropped in full below:

- Scallop crudo - basil and coconut salsa verde, pickled onion flowers, scallop chicharron and sapphire

- Maitake Tlayuda - smoked maitake mushroom chicharron huitlacoche, truffle mole, nasturtium, chives and coriander

- Seared stripped sea bass - charred poblano, tomatillo mole, fresh coconut and daikon salad, serrano and chive oil

- Venison tartare - salsa macha, jicama, cotixa cheese chaya, bone marrow and blood tostadas

- Soft shell crab in amaranth tempura tacos - xoconostle and pickled habanero salsa hoja santa emulsion, grilled hoja santa

An expert combination of ingredients and flavours, and all remarkably light. I often find in fine-dining restaurants that the food can be very (if not too) rich, making it difficult to finish at times!

We ended with a gorgeous pudding; the Marquesita; goats cheese ice cream on a compote of guava and strawberry, within a reduction of coconut milk, hibiscus and elderflowers, finished with a hibiscus dusted cracker - WOW!

So if you're in Tulum looking for a unique foodie experience, I would highly recommend Arca!

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