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Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋

Serves 4

We’re now coming into the season of citrusy sauces and seafood! This recipe will work with lots of white fish fillets and takes about 20 minutes.

I started by preparing the roasted chippy potatoes. Slice 1kg of jersey royal potatoes into small pieces and toss them in olive oil, garlic salt, cumin seeds and chilli flakes and roast at 150C for 45 minutes.

Season four haddock fillets in seaweed salt. Coat a large frying pan in olive oil and place the seasoned haddock skin-side down in the pan on a medium-high heat and cook until the skin is golden brown (2-3 minutes). Finish in the oven skin side up for 6-8 minutes.

Dice half a 225g ring of chorizo and fry in the haddock pan until crispy.

Now onto the sauce! Combine 25ml of white wine vinegar, 50ml of white wine, and juice from 2 lemons and reduce.

Stir in 10g of chopped chives, and 150g of cold unsalted butter until melted.

Assemble your ingredients garnish with extra chives.

You can season with any simple greens, I fried some asparagus in butter and a dash of water.

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