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Kota, Porthleven, Cornwall

Updated: May 2, 2021

Spending the August bank holiday in Cornwall was just what I needed; a wholesome few days taking the dogs for a walk, dipping toes into the sea and enjoying proper fresh seafood.

I was treated to a fantastic dinner on the Friday night at a restaurant called 'Kota' in Porthleven, Helston. What can I say other than the food was exquisite and beautifully presented with such unusual but genius flavour combinations!

Kota is located in a 300 year old building, on the harbour front of the historic village of Porthleven. The chef Jude Kereama is exceptional, having won awards for his restaurants in London and Auckland before moving down to Cornwall. Kota meaning ‘shellfish’ in Maori (Jude is half Maori, half Chinese Malay) uses the best local produce flavoured with Jude's signature Asian twist.

We had the tasting menu which suited me perfectly as I'm all for trying lots of smaller dishes and experiencing different flavours rather than one big plate!

So.... here goes:

- Amuse Bouche & Homemade bread with Miso butter

- Natural oysters with cucumber rice wine granita, ponzu lime dressing

- Cured Salmon, dashi gel, cucumber, wasabi foam, pickled shiitakes

- Falmouth Bay Scallops, sweetcorn gazpacho, corn salsa, coconut & lemongrass gel, coriander, puffed rice

- Lemon Sole, herb gnocchi, mussels, chicken wing, samphire, shellfish sauce

- Strawberries, strawberry & white chocolate mascarpone, Pimms jelly, white chocolate macarons, basil

Now, I have to be honest; if seafood isn't your thing, perhaps this restaurant isn't quite for you. The asian fusion with the fresh seafood is what makes this place so remarkable.

The flavours I found particularly interesting begun with the oysters. I had never had oysters before, and understandably they aren't for everyone with their unusual texture. However... the cucumber and lime incorporated with the fresh seafood flavour was absolutely delicious!

Next was the scallops. The coconut and lemongrass fuelled a rich zesty sauce which complimented the tender scallops perfectly.

I have never thought to serve seafood and meat in the same dish (unless it's chorizo), however the crispy chicken wing with sole and mussels kept a certain saltiness to the shellfish flavours.

The meal finished with a sweet, fresh palate cleanser of fruity luxuries.

All in all, if you have a cheeky getaway to Cornwall in the diary, I can't recommend this restaurant enough!

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