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Shrimply delicious

Serves 2

This fresh seafood linguine recipe is one of my favourite go-to summer meals!

Start by slicing 2 garlic cloves into thin slices and frying them in olive oil until golden.

Stir in 1 diced red pimento pepper and 500g of cherry tomatoes sliced in half (ideally on the vine as they have MUCH more flavour).

Add 1 red chilli (or a tsp of dried chilli) finely chopped, ½ x 25g pack of flat-leaf parsley, juice from 1 lemon and let the flavours simmer on a low heat.

Meanwhile measure out 175g of linguine and cook until just al dente.

Stir in 150g pack of prawns and 100g pack of squid to heat through at the last minute (you don't want to dry them out if they're already cooked). I have found some brilliant flavoursome packs of seafood from Sainsburys, so depending on what you like you can mix it up.

Mix half a 200g bag of spinach into the sauce until it has reduced, and then combine the sauce with the pasta on a low heat.

Serve with extra parsley to garnish and some parmesan.

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